Top-up Method


Buy the EOL Prepaid Voucher at 7-Eleven, and then buy token at and top-up your "My Wallet" ($1 = 1 Token).
The cessation of the Prepaid Voucher sale is on March 2, 2015.



"My Wallet" Top-up / Buy Token Methods:
EOL Prepaid Voucher is a print out voucher printed by 7-Eleven store, with 4 different values and . You can purchase EOL Prepaid Voucher from any 7-Eleven store and top-up your "My Wallet".

The cessation of the Prepaid Voucher sale is on Feb 28, 2015.

Buy EOL Prepaid Voucher:
1. Go to any 7-Eleven store and pick the value you need
2. Once you settle the payment at the cashier, the 7-Eleven Store will print out an EOL Prepaid Voucher
3. The EOL Prepaid Voucher code and the password is printed on the EOL Prepaid Voucher. You can then logon to ( ) and buy token to top-up your "My Wallet". (EOL Prepaid Voucher is valid for 45 days after purchasing)

About using EOL Prepaid Voucher:
1. Before using EOL Prepaid Voucher, you have to register as member. If you are not an member, please register now
2. Go to "My Account", choose EOL Prepaid Voucher from 7-Eleven to buy token and top-up your "My Wallet"
3. Follow the instructions to enter the EOL Prepaid Voucher code.

Sample of EOL Prepaid Voucher
from 7-Eleven:

4. Top up is successful. When you purchase music from us, please choose "My Wallet" to settle the payment. You can also enjoy the benefits from our reward programme.